McKenzie Technique Chicago, IL

McKenzie Technique

Function1st Physical Therapy provides state-of-the-art exercise equipment, helpful staff assistance, and a friendly atmosphere for your workout. An Exercise Physiologist will perform a full evaluation, and then design a fitness program aimed to achieve your goals. Your progress will be reevaluated monthly and fitness levels will be adjusted accordingly.

“Health Coaching” is a new and expanding role to the physical therapy and occupational therapy professions. Coaching involves working with the client towards a common goal and ultimately independence to self-manage their current health condition or chronic illness. A physical therapist or occupational therapist working as a coach with the client helps to ensure proper decisions are made, good form/technique of exercises are executed and encouragement to be creative, progress and stay motivated toward their goals.

“Health Coaching” is a collaborative and humanistic approach where the patient and the coach are both active participants in learning and understanding how to get the client to achieve his or her health and wellness goals. With a coaching model of therapy, the therapist takes on more of a consultant role as the patient must become more actively involved in their own care. The therapist’s focus is less concerned with ‘teaching’ in a top-down manner and acts more as a ‘support system’.

Affective communication, understanding the learning style of the patient, and getting a full history of the client’s own beliefs regarding their health condition are vital to setting up a quality program that will maximize compliance. Knowledge of the client’s personal beliefs and personal understanding of the impact of exercise on their wellness, will, in turn, lead to increased long-term behavior change, as the patient adopts an affinity for their “Health Coach“ their own strategies to manage their condition will increase greatly. For more information, Contact Us Today at Chicago, IL Center.

Benefits of Exercising:

There are many benefits the human body can attain from regular exercise. Here are some of the reasons why you should get started:

  • Decreases body fat
  • Helps control hypertension
  • Improves flexibility
  • Increases strength
  • Enhances cardiovascular status
  • Promotes improved bone density
  • Assists with diabetes control
  • Raises your self-esteem and confidence level
  • Promotes a better overall sense of well being